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Prepare – Don't repair

Kalmar Genuine Parts are high quality spare parts you know you can rely on. Our Kalmar experts, digital tools and MyParts are here to help you prevent breakdowns and unexpected situations - so you can keep moving. Our recommendation: Prepare. Don't repair.


years of experience in designing and servicing material handling equipment


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Kalmar Genuine Parts


Being the industry experts means knowing our machinery and your business needs inside-out.

Operational understanding

We take pride in enabling preventive maintenance and lowering total cost of ownership.

Quality end to end

All Kalmar Genuine Parts are manufactured to high standards, so you know that they will do the job you need them to.

24/7 access to all you machines' parts and parts catalogues in one place

Most popular parts

Mast wheel

For smooth lifting or lowering of your forks.

Valve plate

Control your lifiting bom with the right pressure

Control unit

Provide the right programming to your equipment

Brake disc

Ensure safety by installing quality brake disc in your brakes system


Make sure to boost your engine performance


Make sure your batteries are being charged


Ergonomic joystick to support your daily manuever


ISO standard twistlock for long lasting lifts in your reachstacker