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News & Insights

Busting the myth of container terminal overcapacity

The container terminals of the last decades were built for a familiar world, designed to serve a rapidly growing industry with many shipping line customers, established shipping patterns and well-understood dynamics. Terminal operators were in a controlling position, as they owned the all-important capacity and location that were essential for the shipping lines. Demands from customers were not that high, and were more focused on available handling capacity than on performance and service. 

The quest for customer optimisation

After almost two decades in the vanguard of improving efficiency, visibility and customer service in the shipping industry, Guenter Schmidmeir has set his sights on optimising Kalmar’s relationships with terminal operators.

Converting to AutoRTG – the next step towards improving performance

Increasing the automation level of operations is recognised as the next step towards improving performance at today’s container terminals. Automating an existing rubber-tyred gantry crane (RTG) terminal is a large-scale project that requires deep expertise, careful planning, a capacity for wide-ranging systems integration and the ability to consider numerous factors beyond the technical implementation. Stepwise approach can help in converting the terminal to automated operation.

Outstanding system design makes terminals safer

Thanks to meticulous and innovative system design, there is no trade-off  between safety and high productivity in Kalmar’s equipment and systems.


Electrically powered technology is coming faster than you realise

I am often asked, when I predict that Europe will enforce zero emissions regulations (according to California Air Resources Board) for utility vehicles. This is a valid question, but not the question we should be asking. It is a big misconception that the shift to eco-efficient technology will require a major shift in Pan-European regulation. Judging by what is happening around the world right now, this is not the case. The change will happen, it will likely happen much faster than anticipated, and it won't be driven by legislation. It will be driven by the market.


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