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Kalmarin Gloria-konttikurottajan lanseeraus, kesäkuu 2013

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News & Insights

Are you ready to be fully electric by 2021?

Last week, Kalmar announced that our full offering will be available as electrically powered versions by 2021. Why have we taken such a leap with our entire product portfolio? Because the industry demand is there, and it's growing much faster than anyone could have anticipated only a few years ago.

New simulator straddles virtual, real world operations

The technology behind the straddle carrier simulator recently delivered to a customer in South Africa has the potential to significantly improve the quality and safety of operator training for all Kalmar customers.

Electrically powered terminal tractor set to energise US market

The launch of an electrically powered terminal tractor to the US market is the latest step in Kalmar’s drive to offer a range of products that addresses growing customer demand for eco-efficiency as well as functionality.

Eco-efficiency is our future

Over the years, our industry has made tremendous strides in developing the eco-efficiency of cargo and material handling through more efficient machines, optimisation of cargo flows, as well as intelligent equipment and automation. This work continues at full speed, and with new and more advanced technologies we will continue to get more for less, especially in terms of saving energy. However, we are also seeing completely new opportunities for the next step – all-electric container handling.

OneTerminal enables a smooth, flexible path to RTG automation for brownfield terminals

Automating an existing rubber-tyred gantry crane (RTG) terminal requires extensive expertise, thorough planning, comprehensive training and careful change management. The OneTerminal AutoRTG concept is a pre-tested and integrated solution being developed by Kalmar and Navis to address the unique requirements of brownfield terminals. It is designed to make the whole process as smooth as possible, providing the flexibility to adopt automation at a pace that suits the needs of each individual terminal.


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