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Kalmarin hybridi-kuljetuslukin lanseeraus, lokakuu 2013

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Kalmarin Gloria-konttikurottajan lanseeraus, kesäkuu 2013

Kalmar SmartPort parantaa Malta Freeportin tehokkuutta

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Inspect, repair, teach

One piece of Kalmar equipment is made up of thousands of parts. The challenge is to make sure all the parts are functioning to keep the equipment humming. With superb technical skills, Kalmar’s professional service team is rather like a doctor, on call and ready to diagnose and repair. Kalmar Product Technical Support Manager, George Ma, is one of the very best. Called the ‘Flying Doctor’ he travels the Asia Pacific region helping Kalmar customers to get their broken equipment back up and running again. 

Antti Kaunonen: What openness means to us at Kalmar

Open collaboration, open interfaces, open ecosystems... "Openness" is a word that is used a lot in many different contexts. But what exactly is openness for our industry? What does it signify for us? Here are four key definitions that encapsulate what we mean by this word, and what makes it so important for Kalmar as a company. My target is that when you see the name Kalmar, you will think about the word “open” or ”openness”. 

Extending the reach of Kalmar machines

The Kalmar Essential range introduces the benefits of high build quality and reliability to customers for whom capital costs are a priority.

Tips for cold weather survival

The days shorten, temperatures drop precipitously and you know winter is near. People need to bundle up, watch out for icy roads and pavements, and indulge in a cup of hot cocoa, or maybe a hot toddy. Fine-tuned machinery also needs special winter care to keep it running. We have gathered some tips to keep your machinery purring even in the coldest of winters.

Kalmar looks to the future

Crane inspections can be time-consuming and expensive. An inspection can take a crane out of service for as long as five days. To reduce downtime and the associated costs to the customer, Kalmar uses drones to conduct these inspections.


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