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Kalmarin Gloria-konttikurottajan lanseeraus, kesäkuu 2013

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News & Insights

The container yard – bright future, or no future?

“The only constant in life is change,” so the famous saying goes. This oft-quoted phrase certainly rings true for terminal container yards and their role in the ports of the future. In an industry undergoing rapid change – driven by factors like technology, digitalisation, and the need to cut costs and environmental footprint – the future role of container yards is still something of an unknown quantity. One thing is certain though – change is most certainly on the horizon.

Unlocking an open, transparent future for container terminal automation

Kalmar Key is the terminal industry's first automation platform with open interfaces. As well as speeding up the pace of automation adoption and making its implementation much smoother, Kalmar Key also provides the flexibility that customers need to build complete automation solutions tailored for their business. 

Many career paths start at Kalmar

Every summer Kalmar and other Cargotec business areas offer exciting opportunities for students and young professionals just starting out their careers. Trainees work in all parts of the organisation, and after the summer, many of them continue working while writing their thesis, or as part-time trainees or as permanent employees. In 2017, Cargotec topped the list of the 10 most responsible summer trainee employers. This summer, over 35 trainees have been working for the Kalmar business area in Finland. Let’s meet three of them and hear their thoughts about working with the industry leader.

A software engineer applies psychology with winning results

In her work in terminal automation software development, Eveliina Vuolli, Software Process and Quality Champion at Kalmar, combines her passion for engineering and for psychology to great effect.

Childhood dreams become global innovation

Sometimes, an early childhood passion remains with us throughout a lifetime. So it has been for Matias Mäkelä, Manager, Pricing and Market Analysis, Kalmar Services.


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