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Kalmar Crane Services Projects maksimoi sataman tuottavuuden

Kalmar Gloria konttikurottaja - alan parasta tuottavuutta

Kalmarin hybridi-kuljetuslukin lanseeraus, lokakuu 2013

Kalmarin Satama 2060 –visio

Kalmarin Gloria-konttikurottajan lanseeraus, kesäkuu 2013

Kalmar SmartPort parantaa Malta Freeportin tehokkuutta

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News & Insights

Future-proof terminals: Picking the right RTG setup

Electrification and automation offer significant financial advantages for terminals operating Rubber-Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes. Hybrid, cable reel and busbar-based systems each have their own unique strengths. The choice of the crane electrification solution needs to be considered carefully while taking into account the automation level and development roadmap of the entire terminal.

A helping hand 24/7

As complex and high-tech as today’s terminal automation technology is, it would be nowhere without the skill and dedication of the engineers and support teams that take care of it. Kalmar’s automation support team is available around the clock to support customers all over the world. We found out more about the team’s work and got up close and personal with some of its members.

Li-ion batteries have a great upside even with second-life issues still requiring solutions

Lithium-ion battery technology brings many benefits for cargo handling equipment, but what do we do with them at the end of their lifecycle?

Boxing clever – boosting terminal efficiency with smart process automation

A typical modern container terminal might be home to a huge variety of complex technologies and equipment, but its ultimate goal is simple: get boxes off a ship or railroad car, through the yard and send them on their way as quickly as possible. Process automation offers tremendous benefits in terms of gathering the right data to make this process run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  

Anatomy of an innovation

Innovation is embedded in Kalmar's DNA. But how do we deliver innovations that not only fulfil customers' needs but exceed them, and at the same time help to make the world safer, cleaner and overall more sustainable? 


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