About Male’ Commercial Port

Malé Island is the capital of the Maldives, and as such, its main commercial port is right at the heart of its international maritime operations. MCP is run by Maldives Ports Limited, a group with decades of experience in commercial maritime trade in the Indian Ocean. 

Maintaining close relationships with their clients and partners allows Maldives Ports Limited to rise to the challenges of today’s economic environment. And, as MCP plays a key role in the growth of Maldives’ economy, the success of their port operations is of utmost importance.

In line with their goals of worksite excellence, Maldives Port Limited were seeking new and innovative solutions to support the MCP port in serving high-volume, high-consumption commodity importers, all in a cost-effective manner. And that’s where the T2i terminal tractor comes in.

Celebrating an important milestone in our partnership

The innovative features and driver-oriented design of the T2i Terminal Tractor promises to boost operation efficiency at MCP by improving driver comfort, streamlining freight movement, and collecting actionable operation data. 

“MPL acquired our first Kalmar (equipment) RTG in 2007, marking the beginning of our journey with Kalmar,” noted Shahid Ali, CEO of Maldives Port Limited, at the handover ceremony. “Since then, our relationship with Kalmar has grown significantly over the years […] This partnership has significantly boosted MPL's operational capacity throughout the years, with Kalmar growing to be an indispensable partner of MPL.”

Shahid went on to thank Kalmar for the after-sales service provided, including training programs, as they contribute to the safety and efficiency of their port operations.

“This vehicle handover is an indication to our dedication to excellence and our shared goal of improving port operations. We appreciate everyone's presence as we celebrate this milestone in our partnership journey and look forward to more success to come.”

About the T2i Terminal Tractor

Global trade is in constant motion, but this is highly dependent on successful port operations. That success boils down to two things: people and equipment. That’s why the T2i Terminal Tractor is designed to improve both the driver’s experience and operational productivity.

The T2i Terminal Tractor is the result of careful consideration as to what our clients need on the job site. The hydraulics systems are improved compared to earlier models, allowing drivers to move loads faster. And, the cab interior has been designed specifically with the driver in mind – it’s comfortable, reduces physical strain, and there is excellent visibility. These things combined can improve the driver’s focus, and by extension, enhancing their personal safety as well as productivity. 

On the software front, the transmission software has been updated to improve efficiency. It comes with two years of access to Kalmar Insight, allowing for a host of smart-device benefits like collecting and viewing real, actionable data that you can leverage to reduce downtime.

All in all, the T2i Terminal Tractor doesn’t look at the driver experience and wider operational efficiency as separate entities. Port operations consist of people and equipment, and the T2i Terminal Tractor improves things on both fronts. 

By improving comfort, safety and operational efficiency at Male’ Commercial Harbor (MCH), the T2i Terminal Tractors are serving the economic hub of the Maldives.