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At Kalmar, there is always someone who gladly listens to your ongoing design issues and shares their thoughts or ideas.

I began my journey at Kalmar in October 2017 as a Development Engineer in Mechanics, quickly moved into the development of the DCG380-540 forklift model, which was an incredibly rewarding project. After that, I worked for a while on upgrading other equipment, new systems and development for the new heavy electrified forklift. Following a reorganisation in Counter-Balanced R&D, I got promoted to Engineering Group Manager for Sustaining Engineering, where I currently work, which is amazing.

I was born and raised in Ljungby. I have always been interested in technology, so it was natural for me to pursue the technical track in high school and then continue to study mechanical engineering at the university in Växjö. In Ljungby, I live with my partner Helena and my two Finnish Lapphunds, Tasse and Amadeus. Currently, I'm training for a triathlon in August, spending a lot of time on swimming, cycling, and running.

At my previous workplace as a Production Engineer for a wood-burning stove company, I developed production processes and methods, including welding fixtures. This experience made me realise I wanted a design-focused career. When Kalmar in Lidhult had an opening for a Development Engineer in Mechanics, I applied and was accepted, which felt great.

Key Milestones and Memorable Projects

The completion of the DCG380-540 and ECG180-330 projects are two of the major achievements I have experienced during my time at Kalmar. Both projects involved complex issues with many subsystems, where both I and the team worked with shared ideas and developed together to create the best possible machine for the market.

The most challenging project I've worked on was electrifying the heavier forklift truck ECG180-330. It was one of the first high-voltage electric machines on the market, and fitting all the components into the existing frame took many intense months. Currently, approximately five machines have been assembled, all of them are tightly packed between the frame beams. But the end product turned out good!

Company Culture and Kalmar’s Core Behaviours

By fostering an environment where experimentation is encouraged, Kalmar not only ignites motivation among its employees but also cultivates a culture of continuous learning and growth. The freedom to explore new ideas and approaches not only sparks innovation but also provides valuable opportunities for personal and professional development.

I see my team practising Kalmar's core behaviours on a daily basis. We actively investigate why a customer has requested a specific function, exploring alternative solutions that might better suit their needs. This commitment to understanding goes hand in hand with our practice of extreme ownership; not only do we deliver precisely what's asked of us, but we also consider the broader impact on other systems. Mutual respect is fundamental within our team, regardless of position, background, or cultural differences.

What I love most about Kalmar is the amazing people I work with. Everyone here is incredibly talented and committed to making the best products possible. It's inspiring to be part of a team where we all support each other and work together to achieve our shared goals.

Tips for New Talents

Be humble towards the task and your colleagues, maintaining a positive attitude even during challenging times. Remember, there will be moments when nothing seems to work, but there's always someone willing to offer assistance. Stay curious about other subsystems to gain a comprehensive understanding of how everything interconnects. If you do that you will thrive working at Kalmar, and everyone will thrive working with you.