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At Kalmar, we care about our customers and the environment.

I started my journey with Kalmar in May 2017. Since then, I have taken on various roles and engaged in discussions with colleagues from around the world. Working for a global company has always been my aspiration, and Kalmar, with its natural tendency towards online meetings, perfectly suits my desire to avoid unnecessary travel while enjoying working in English.

Today, I am a 32-year-old former mountain biker and a passionate sports enthusiast. My curiosity extends to the economy, climate, and making the world a better place whether it means donating to charity every month, working in a company that tries to solve inefficiencies in cargo handling and reducing emissions or commuting by bike to work.

As a young athlete, I often cycled past the Kalmar Technology Center in Rusko, Tampere. The proto workshop and the large cranes fascinated me, and I thought a company with such an intriguing building must be an exciting place to work. I joined Kalmar as a summer trainee in the finance team, working on a development project. My motivation has always been driven by diverse opportunities and the chance to try new things.

The possibility of moving within the company keeps me highly motivated.

Key Milestones and Memorable Projects

I have been part of many transformative initiatives, but I am most proud of developing revolutionary financial tools that have made Kalmar more profitable, reduced risks of surprises, and increased visibility for business leaders. A memorable achievement was winning the name competition for the Tampere Competence Center’s new visitor area with my suggestion, "Edge." I described "Edge" as the place where the past transitions to the future, symbolising our constant evolution. One of my most memorable experiences has been mentoring new summer trainees. Guiding them into the world of finance analytics and helping them make the most of their time at the company strengthens our people culture and brings fresh perspectives to the team.

Role Evolution and Growth Opportunities

My role at Kalmar has evolved significantly. After starting as a summer trainee, I secured a permanent position in BA controlling. I later worked as an analyst for the BA CFO, then ventured into sourcing analytics with a Finnish forest company during the pandemic. After the pandemic there was an opportunity for me to go back to Kalmar, where I worked in the Counterbalance Container Handling business controlling team. This led to an interim division controller role and finally to my current position as Development Manager for Data & Analytics. I have learned that problems are universal across industries and that agility, iteration, and clear communication are crucial for success.

Appreciation for Kalmar

I deeply appreciate Kalmar’s commitment to addressing climate change, which I believe is humanity’s greatest threat. The multicultural environment at Kalmar is another aspect I value highly. My semester abroad in Switzerland opened my eyes to the enriching experience of working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and I experience this every day at Kalmar. At Kalmar, we care about our customers and the environment. There is a high ambition level to create products that help reduce greenhouse gases, and we approach our mission with a comprehensive, realistic perspective.

Tips for New Talents

My advice to newcomers is to ask and explore. Everyone at Kalmar is happy to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out and chat with colleagues. They will go the extra mile to ensure your start is as smooth as possible.

Kalmar is a company that accommodates individuals with diverse ambitions, whether related to career progress, sustainability, or personal interests. It is easy to be yourself here, and you don’t need to change unless you want to.