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EcoFlex Rental Solution

- cost-efficient, flexible and sustainable.

Use your power to aim for a better future

Kalmar EcoFlex Rental Solution

A sustainable choice with full flexibility in power usage

– you just pay less and lower your emissions if you choose to drive in eco mode.

EcoFlex is a cost-efficient, flexible and sustainable rental solution that will allow you to significantly lower your CO2 emissions - while maintaining high productivity. The fully transparent, digital monitoring makes it easy to influence operational behavior.
And, it helps create a safer workplace.


What is EcoFlex Rental solutions?

  • A modular rental offering, where you pay a fixed monthly fee when driving in Eco-mode
  • Instant flexibility in operational modes – normal & high-power mode is always available, for an additional fee per used hour
  • Digital supervision and full transparency through MyKalmar
  • EcoFlex includes equipment leasing and full-service maintenance.


Why should I choose EcoFlex Rental solutions?

Sustainable rental solution
Contribute to a sustainable future

Instant flexibility
You will always be ready to adapt your operations

Improved safety
Reduce your risks in the operation

Digital and transparent solution
Be in control at all times

Optimise your operational costs