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Terminals Going Green with Made-in-America Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor

Terminals Going Green with Made-in-America Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor

North American distribution terminals and ports have been clamoring to transition terminal tractor fleets from diesel to electric. That urge is now becoming a reality. In late December 2023, Kalmar dealer Wiese USA in Jonesboro, Arkansas took delivery of the first Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor destined for customer operation in North America, fresh from the factory in Texarkana, Texas.   

"Our customer’s drivers were genuinely thrilled with the performance of the Kalmar TX,” said Grant Sauerbrunn, VP of Shared Services, with Wiese USA. “The reduction in emissions, increased uptime, and improved overall satisfaction highlight the positive impact this equipment will have on our customer’s operation," he added.

Efficiency & power

The introduction of the Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor aligns with Kalmar’s dedication to environmental responsibility. It will help reduce emissions and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Packing more than twice the torque of diesel versions, the TX is not only an exceptionally strong machine, but also highly reliable. 

With far fewer moving parts than diesel versions, the TX is expected to decrease maintenance costs, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. When Wiese USA customer drivers tested the TX over an extended period, they expressed their excitement and satisfaction with the tractor. With less vibration, a cooler, much quieter cab and plenty of power, they felt they had found a superior vehicle.

"This marks a significant achievement in our ongoing commitment to providing innovative, sustainable solutions for our dealer network and customers,” said Randy Wingenroth, Vice President, Americas with Kalmar USA. “This marks a significant achievement in our ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions that benefit both our customers and the environment." 

After-sales service & parts

A key part of any equipment-buying decision hinges on maintenance and parts availability.  The clear advantage that Kalmar dealers bring to the table is the ability to service electric fleet vehicles and supply spare parts. 

“The technicians at Wiese have taken high-voltage training and achieved the certification required to work on this class of tractor,” explains Chas Mease, Manager, Zero Emissions Terminal Tractor Sales-North America. “So far we have had three rounds of two-day classes, with more than 45 Kalmar dealer technicians trained and certified. The uptake has been tremendous, with 90 percent of dealers on board.” 

With North America’s strongest terminal-tractor dealer network, Kalmar is also strong on parts. Since the TX, including its battery packs, is built in Texarkana, Texas, getting replacement parts quickly will never be an issue. 

Clean-tech incentives abound 

Each TX has the capacity to reduce tailpipe CO2 emissions by thousands of tons per year. Incentives to adopt industrial electric vehicles stem from both state and federal level in the U.S. and Canada, notably a new federal Canadian subsidy of $100,000. Other reasons customers have for adoption include total-cost-of-ownership and return-on-investment calculations for high-utilisation applications, as well as stakeholder pledges to climate stewardship. 

The company taking delivery of this first North American TX is a large international electrical-component supplier and builder of charging stations for EVs. With aggressive sustainability goals, the company made the decision to transition to electric terminal tractors; they had already made the move to electric forklifts.

Keen to make the transition to electric easier, Kalmar dealers are enthusiastic about helping customers to identify all available government incentives. With favourable lead times of 60 to 90 days and attractive after-sales service and parts, the built-in-Texas Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor lineup is currently available for order. As the TX takes hold, it will contribute to making distribution points and ports more environmentally friendly. 

Find out more about the TX, including an in-depth video on the tractor’s operational benefits and functionality. 

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